Friday, June 20, 2014

A small shelf and a small passenger

Despite my lack of energy concerning woodworking this trip, I made a small project yesterday.
We have had the need for a small shelf for as long as I can remember, but we didn't have any wood that wood look just remotely OK. I am not a fan of making shelves out of plywood when it is something that is intended to be in a public space. In a workshop it is fine, but after all this is not just our working place, it is also our home for half the time, so it shouldn't look too bad.

Yesterday the electrician came in and said that he had found an extra table top in a stores room. Apparently it was designated for a table that was never built anyway, so we immediately decided to use it for the shelf.

The job itself was done by reducing the size of the plate by means of a handheld circular saw, one that I didn't know that we had on board.

After making the top of the correct size, I attached some mounting sticks below it and finally screwed onto the wall.
So no we have a tea drinkers shelf complete with a kettle and some tea. Before we had to share the space with a coffee machine and some coffee.

The small feathered passenger looks like a pigeon. It has got a ring on one of the legs, so maybe it should actually be on its way to somewhere. I have no idea if it has lost its way or just needed a break, but it landed on our deck this afternoon, so we have been feeding it with some bread and have given it a cup of water to drink from.
It seems fairly tame, since it doesn't panic when we go to the deck. Anyway, as long as it behaves it is welcome to get a free ride.

Have a nice weekend

Our passenger.

The tea shelf.

The tea shelf from the underside.


  1. In America, most people drink hot tea only in the fall and winter months, well if not most people then at least a majority. Yet, just about every person drinks coffee year round. I am a drinker of both, but I drink iced tea during the spring and summer. But I notice that in Europe many people have an electric tea kettle. I always boil the water in a pot for tea, unless I'm at work then I use the microwave oven, but for whatever reason I like the boiled tea better.
    Also, for tea I just like milk and sugar, or just tea with lemon. but for coffee I must have cream, as milk just isn't rich enough. I would rather not have coffee at all than have it without cream. So your new shelf may have been a source of controversy if it were installed in an office in the United States.

  2. In Denmark most people drink coffee.
    On Scandinavian ships even more people drink coffee. Actually it is decidedly uncommon for Scandinavian ships to have people drink tea on board.
    But for some strange reason, there are a lot of tea drinkers on this vessel.
    Our biggest controversy have been that the coffee machine and the kettle used the same receptacle, which was only a 10 A group (220V), so if someone switched on both units at the same time, the automatic fuse tripped.
    Now they get supplied from separate groups, so there is no waiting for the other group any more :-)

    I am (as with most things) fairly conservative when it comes to tea. I prefer Earl Grey tea with a bit of semi skimmed milk. Other sorts of black tea with milk are also OK. Very rarely do I use sugar and lemon.
    I never drink tea cold, maybe I should try to do that.
    If I drink coffee, I usually take it black. I like coffee to accompany a sweet dessert like e.g a chocolate mousse.

  3. Iced Tea is a very American tradition, though I'm pretty sure it wasn't invented here. But trust me when I say that it is very good. Hundreds of companies make their own pre bottled versions, or mixes, some of which are very good, but it is just as easy to make your own. At my house my wife usually makes it in large batches. Which is made very much like traditional tea, and that is tea bags and boiling water. But then we chill it quickly with a large quantity of ice and then add sugar and a little bit of lemon juice. It is one of the great things about the summer.
    My favorite tea is English Breakfast, yet strangely I usually only drink it in the evening, but I also like Earl Grey.
    For coffee, I must have cream and sugar. I haven't had black coffee since I was in the military. And the coffee must be very hot, and a bit on the strong side, and we usually have it during breakfast, very rarely after dinner, and that would only be during the winter.

  4. I'll have to try to make some. It sounds easy enough.
    One of my pet hates is old coffee. The coffee we have in the mess room is brewed in the morning, and if you accidentally takes a cup later that day, like after supper - well it tastes and feels like tar. You can usually smell if it is that old, but once in a while you make the mistake anyway.
    So if I don't know the "age" of the coffee, I try to go for some instant coffee instead, in case I want coffee at all.
    Have a nice weekend