Friday, July 3, 2015

Treasure chest with curved lid

I actually managed to make a functioning porch before going back to sea, although I didn't finish it completely.
But there is enough porch so the family at home can use it until I come home and can work on it again.
As usual, I was too busy building the thing to remember blogging about it and documenting it with some pictures, but I plan on taking some pictures once I am home again.

This time I have considered making a spice chest or a Milkmans' workbench.
The spice chest will probably just end up half way completed like the Gerstner inspired tool chest that is still waiting for me to complete it.
The workbench would require me to first make a tap and die set to be able to make wooden threads for the work holding.

The electrician on board was so kind as to bring a couple of chest locks with him from Buenos Aires in Argentina.
So my mind immediately started going down the slippery path of making a new chest of some sort.
I have made sea chests and tool chests before, but I have never made a treasure chest with a curved lid - So I guess that is going to be the project this time.

The first step will be to find some stock and start preparing it.

An Argentinian chest lock.


  1. Sound like a good plan and very fitting for a sea going project.
    Arg Arg Captain where would you bury it :-)

    Bob, with his wooden peg on and eye patch (darn, I'm blind as a bat!)

    1. Hi Bob.
      I would have to find something valuable to put into it before burying it. I think that's what the pirate code requires :-)