Thursday, October 10, 2013

A tool chest for the sea part 3

As a reward to myself for working on the indoor trimming of our Velux windows I spent about an hour in the work shop last night working on the tool chest.
The windows were replaced during the roofing project, and I haven't had the time to finish the inside until now. It was more fun doing it last time, because I had everything stripped down, now it is a repair job that requires a lot of fiddling to look nice.

The sides of the chest are a mere 8 mm thick to keep the weight down. I discovered that such a thin board requires very delicate hinges. Normally I would like some fairly stout ones for a tool chest, but that wont be an option with this design.

To stiffen things up, and to keep dust out, I installed an interior dust seal.
The dust seal is made out of thin strips (4 mm) that are slightly beveled on one side (about 5 degrees). These strips are glued onto the lower part of the chest and help holding the lid in place, so the delicate hinges wont be damaged.

The good thing about an interior dust seal is that it will even seal the back of the chest, where the hinges are. I made the lid by sawing of the upper portion of the assembly after it was dry. That way there is a nice fit of the lid.

While the dust seal dried, I started making the shooting board that will go on the lid of the chest. This was a great suggestion by Doug Stowe in a comment for my last blog entry on the subject.

Gustav is turning some spindles for his secret project, he really likes using the lathe and he can feel that his skills are developing.

Attaching the interior dust seal.

Gustav turning a spindle.


  1. Not long ago, I picked up a woodworking book on making your own tools and a small tote to hold them. It appears that the tote is very similar in design to what you are making. If I can, I'll send you a photo of it. I believe I still have your email address. But I thought it was a very good design. I'm looking forward to seeing yours finished.

  2. Hi Bill.

    Sorry for the late reply, but we have been having the fall vacation, so I haven't been at the computer at all.
    I would like to see the photo, for inspiration. I decided to skip the hinges on this box, so the closing mechanism is a large elastic cord from a trailer cover.
    Finishing the windows on the inside have had the priority, so the small details and finish on the chest have had to suffer a little. Anyway, the important thing was that I could get some tools on board with me, not so much how the chest looks.

  3. I will post a photo on my next blog post, which I hope will be tonight.