Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stanley Bedrock 604, part 2

The majority of people who commented on my choice of wood for the patch cast their vote in favour of oak.
As some of you might remember from my "Seaborne chest build" I cave in pretty easy when it comes to peer pressure (as long as it is sensible of course). So I am doing the same thing here and going the oak way.

My plan was to use a file to make the damaged area resemble an indent with a square profile with two sides. This would make it easy to make a piece of wood that could be glued really tight into the spot and later be trimmed to the outer shape.

I also considered using a half round file for making a semicircular indent, but I think the square route is safer. 

Normally I would try to make a repair job blend in as much as possible, but for this particular job I have decided that it can stand out a bit colour wise.

Filing the area away took maybe 5 minutes, and I just filed the small block of oak so it fit on the two sides.
Before adding glue I made a test fit and a test of the clamp. Few things are as frustrating when it comes to woodworking, as when you are not able to make a clamp up because the clamp will slip or otherwise don't fit.

Glue was added to both parts and the clamp was attached.

Tomorrow it should be dry so I can start reshaping the upper part of the rear tote.
The filed away area.

Testing the fit of the block of oak.

Ready for applying glue.

The glue up.


  1. You should have been able to find some appropriate rosewood somewhere in your captain's quarters. Just don't get caught!

    1. Actually I don't think there is any rosewood in his cabin. The majority of furniture and stuff on board is made out of some sort of ply wood with some plastic veneer on it.
      Some parts are made out of oak though. I have no idea how they have managed to do so, but the finish on the oak manages to make it look like plastic! What a sad way to finish a piece of oak.
      The closest thing we have are the steps of the pilot ladder (a rope ladder to be hung over the side of the ship), but I have a feeling the it might be a bit unpopular if a step was missing on that one..
      I hope you are having a nice vacation.