Monday, May 4, 2015

Getting ready for going back to sea.

Inspired by Ralph's 7P's, I managed to get myself a little time in the workshop today finding stuff to bring with me to sea.
The boring and sensible part of me got the upper hand, so the upcoming projects will be new handles for some chisels, and hopefully sharpening of some moulding planes.

I managed to get around 40 minutes of wood working time in the workshop today, bringing the total workshop woodworking time up to almost an hour and a half for this period at home.. Not very impressive.
Besides finding chisels and moulding planes to bring with me, I re sawed some hornbeam to be used for making the handles. The other 50 minutes of workshop time was about a week ago, when I flattened the top of the workbench.

Most of the chisels are Swedish ones, but one is a Keen Kutter. It is a 1.75" wide chisel, so I suppose it is technically a slick.
A previous owner must have misunderstood the idea of the tool, because it has been hammered directly on the socket. It will require some filing to make it look nice again, but the blade is luckily not damaged.
My plan is to turn a handle for it at sea, and then maybe sharpen it.
There are also 3 mortise chisels that Brian Eve gave to me during the chair building extravaganza event last year.

There are 3 moulding planes and one special plane for making windows, The width of this tool can be adjusted to suit the sash of the window.
One side of the tool will make a moulding and the other side will make a rabbet for the glass.
One of my future projects is to make some more windows, so it could be fun to be able to make them look nice with an original tool for it.
Actually I had planned to make windows this home period, but I never got around to do so.
Instead I have painted windows on the house which is not quite comparable to making windows, the latter being a lot more fun..

Planes, chisels and hornbeam stock.

Chisel logo.

The Keen Kutter slick, notice the beat up socket.

Preparing some hornbeam blanks for handles.


  1. It looks like you'll wind up with some nice tools when you are done. It will be fun to see what you do with those mortice chisels.

    1. I am thinking of making octagonal handles for the mortise chisels. My first plan was to also make octagonals for the regular chisels, but I think that I'll might turn some handles for those instead.
      We'll see what happens.

  2. Will these tools be added to the sea chest?

    1. HI Bill.

      I can barely fit any more tools in the sea chest, so it was actually just to get around doing something to all those old tools that I have lying around.

      Once I tried using one of the moulding planes at home, but it wasn't hugely successful. So by restoring the planes out here, I might be more tempted to use them at home because I know that they will work when I pick them up.

      The chisels just deserve to get a new handle and to be sharpened so they can be used again. I actually have enough chisels as it is, but restoring them would be a satisfying job.

      The window plane could come in very handy for one of my future projects which is to make four identical windows for the machinery shed.
      All my earlier windows have just been made plain without any moulding on the inside of the sash which is actually commonplace. So it could be fun to make those new windows with all the trimmings.