Saturday, May 9, 2015

Set of handled mortise chisels from C. Steinbach & Co

Tonight I handled the remaining two mortise chisels, and I also flattened the handle of the first one a bit, making it much more comfortable to hold.

The first handling attempt today saw me splitting the blank. Apparently I didn't chisel out quite enough for the tang to fit in the handle.

I timed myself a bit just for fun, and it took me two hours to put a handle on two chisels. That is not too bad in my opinion. Maybe I'll start having some blanks ready for stuff like that at home. Then I could put a handle on a tool while the children were working with me. All of the operations of handling using this method can be stopped immediately without any consequence. So it is a project where it is possible to come and go as one please.

I tried to find out something more about the company that has produced the chisels.

On the chisel itself it says: Garantie C. Steinbach & Co
Which means: Guaranteed C. Steinbach & Co.

According to the homepage of "Kleines Werkzeugmuseum" (small tool museum), the company of Steinbach & Co usually had a mark consisting of a globe with an axe (Globus mit beil).
Sadly that was the only information I could find on that side.

I Googled on, and managed to find some pictures of old bills from the company, but nothing about its history.

My last attempt brought me to this page of a local newspaper (in German):  It says something along the lines of: From industrial area to residential area.
Steinbach was apparently the last company in the mentioned area, and their right to use the area ended in 1982 after which the factory was torn down.
It is mentioned that the company manufactured tools under the name : "Stecoge"

If any readers from Germany (or elsewhere for that matter) know more about the history of C. Steinbach & Co it would be very interesting to hear about it.

C. Steinbach & Co 
Set of three mortise chisels with octagonal handles.


  1. They look great! I suppose it is time to do the same to mine.

    1. Thanks.
      I think they would benefit from some sort of finish. Maybe if I had brought a pollisoir with me that would have done the trick. I might just give them some DICK wax when I get home :-)

  2. The handles look great! That is my absolute favorite shape for a chisel handle, especially a mortise chisel. Will you lacquer the handles? I like the natural look of the handles, but I guess some sort of protective finish is necessary. Either way they look awesome.

    1. Hi Bill

      It is my first attempt with that kind of shape. I think they look better and better.
      Somehow I have manged to not get them all grimy already. I am thinking of applying some wax to the handles when I get home, or perhaps some varnish or oil of a kind.
      I have started turning some handles for the regular chisels I have brought with me, and the two I have completed so far were treated with some beeswax I brought with me. It looks fine when it is just applied on the lathe, but after handling the chisels they look worn and dirty in no time, So I guess it isn't the perfect finish for handles.