Wednesday, October 26, 2016

DCBE 2016, Leather work

Doing leather work is fun, it is fairly easy if you have sharp tools and do it the correct way. I guess it is kind of like woodworking in that respect. Like woodwork it can be done quickly, but if you want it to look perfect it will also take time. Brian has bought all those small special tools for working leather such as an "edge nicer", a belt cutter, an edge polisher and lots more.

We made a set of templates for the various parts and I got started on my leather work for my chair.

Alex and Brian are making more chair parts, because they also want to make a chair in elm that has octagonal stretchers.

Olav arrived in the afternoon, and since he didn't have a project started yet, he just helped out everywhere a helping hand was needed. His dog Merlin helped by barking if he felt that no work was being done. Just a single WOOOF and he would look at you and you knew that it was you he meant. I guess he was trained to deal with chairbuilders or apprentices :-)

Besides the working and nerding (tool nerding) we are eating evenly distributed meals throughout the day and once in a while we take a beer. So in short we are having a great time.


Brian taking pictures of Gustav and vice versa.

Working on the back of the chair.

Pre-shaping the taper of and octagonal stretcher.

Alex reaming out a tapered hole using a brace.

Small scraps of leather.

Chair parts.

Selfie by the in-house photographer.

Beer and propane, two types of bottled fuel.

Olav, Alex, Jonas and Brian.
Pedder left tuesday evening, so we couldn't get him on this group picture.


  1. Hi Jonas, the leather looks very good! Pictures made by Gustav?

    sitting at my office desk being envious.....

    1. Hi Pedder.

      Yes, the pictures are taken by Gustav, He has a much better eye for photography than I have.
      I am now at my "office desk" (the kitchen table), and I also prefer to be in the workshop :-)


  2. Great fun reading the blogs from this week! Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

    1. Hi Marshal
      Thanks for the nice comment.
      Working together with Brian, Alex, Pedder and Olav is so much fun, and believe it or not, we actually do some woodworking - not just talking and eating :-)

  3. I second Marshal's comment -- greatly enjoying this. Tell Gustav thanks for keeping up the image quality (and quantity). Jeff

    1. Hi Jeff

      I am glad you enjoyed the pictures. Brian is so much better than me to remember to take pictures and putting up on the Internet.
      Gustav was busy yesterday, so I am afraid that the next pictures are taken by me..

      I can only recommend to try doing something like this with a woodworking friend or two.
      At our first event two years ago, none of us had ever built a Welsh stick chair, but having someone else besides your spouse to discuss methods etc with helps a lot.
      Thanks for commenting :-)