Monday, October 24, 2016

DCBE 2016, stock preparation.

Yesterday was the first day of the Danish Chairbuilding Extravaganza 2016.
Pedder, Alex and Brian all got here and we set of to work.

We started seeking out the wood that we wanted to use, and we found some slabs from my parents' old sycamore tree that would make some nice material for a couple of Roorkee chairs.

Pedder is going to build a shop stool, and he chose some sycamore as well.

There isn't much to say regarding stock preparation except that machines do help a bit. Today my parents will come for a visit, and my dad will bring along some surplus tools that will hopefully be able to find a nice new home.

We decided to concentrate on building chairs this time and not fooling so much around like last time with axes and wedges etc. And we also decided that instead of making the supper ourselves, we would get it from one of the local caterers. That makes it a lot easier when having a bunch of hungry guys around.
We chose to use the company of one of my old friends. If you ever find yourself in need for some tasty quality food (and you are in this region), I highly recommend you to give Merethe a call. The food and the service is outstanding.
And by the way, she even speaks fluently Dutch! She used to work at the Danish Seaman's church in Rotterdam for 8 years as far as I remember.

Stock for legs for some Roorkees.

Stock pile up.

Brian's side chair.

Everyone in the workshop.

Pedders toolchest. Those saws are beyond beautiful!



  1. Even raw wood stock looks great -- all the possibilities. Thanks for posting all the pics - it's the next best thing to being there. Jeff

    1. Hi Jeff.

      I am glad that you enjoy the pictures. Today the in-house professional photographer was busy, So I don't have any pictures to show from the progress today..
      But I turned a lot of stretchers on the lathe and made a set of legs for a Roorkee chair.

  2. Looks like a good time.
    Take care guys!


    1. Hello Stefan.

      We are having a great time here :-)
      Brian really likes that in Denmark you can leave beer outside all day and night. It will have a perfect drinking temperature and no one will steal it. (I guess that is because we live so far from everything).