Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Thank you Ralph

Suddenly one day during my home period (which ended yesterday), the mail man (a woman actually) stopped by and delivered a package.
It was addressed to me, but I hadn't ordered anything, so I was puzzled, and Gustav and Asger immediately asked what I had ordered.
When I told them that I had no idea they became really curious.

The package was sent from USA, and contained a beautifully restored Sargent plane from Ralph  the accidental woodworker.

In the very nice accompanying letter he explained that no one on his side of the pond were interested in such a plane, so he wanted to give it to our youngest son Asger to use, since he likes to spend time in the workshop with me.

Due to a busy schedule, we never got to trying the plane out, but based on last time Ralph sent a tool my way, I am certain that it will be a joy to use.

So Ralph, thank you so much for the nice plane and for thinking of Asger. And sorry for not having posted any sooner, but we were really busy with a soccer tournament of 4 days and after that a horse tournament also of 4 days, followed immediately by getting back to school. So the plane had to wait a bit.

Asger unpacking a Sargent plane from Ralph.

Christmas comes early this year.


  1. That's so cool! Ralph has become very skilled at this. I bet it looks and works better than the day it was made.

    1. It is incredibly good looking. I am sorry that I never took any pictures of it after assembly.


  2. Bravo, good idea Ralph.
    Enjoy Asger :-)


    1. Hi Bob

      This is guaranteed something that no one of Asger's friends have got :-)