Sunday, February 14, 2016

Shoe shine box, preliminary thoughts.

I hope that the weather will permit me to build something this time, and inspired by Bill from the Confused woodworker, I plan on making a shoe shine box.

At present our gear for shining shoes are kept in a plastic crate, and frankly I ought to be able to make something like a small box for that purpose.

I plan on making a box approximately 8" x 14" and a height of 8". Because it has to be able to fit into the same cabinet as the existing plastic crate.
While a lid looks nice, it also limits the usable volume by preventing stuff to stick up from the box, so I have decided to not add a lid. Instead I am considering adding a drawer or two at the bottom of the box. Those would be for extra laces that are technically not for shoe shining, but they still reside in the same box at our house.

I'll probably make some sort of a vertical division, so it will be possible to separate the shoe polish and leather grease etc. from the brushes and rags.

The construction will be dovetailed corners, perhaps full blind dovetails, and the bottom will most likely be a floating panel.

I better start doing some sketches.