Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What did you do in your summer vacation?

Remember the first days of school after a summer vacation? Those days you always talked about what you had actually been doing with all your friends.

Well, for one thing, I haven't been blogging.
I have been busy completing the porch, and since the weather was really nice, It never appealed to me to fire up the computer in the evening and blog about the progress. 
And all of a sudden the holiday was over, and I am back on the ship, without any pictures to prove that I actually did do some work while I was at home.

I have still not decided if there should be some sort of hand rail on the porch. SWMBO prefers to keep it without a hand rail, but I am not so sure. For a start, I haven't added one. 
I still need to make the front steps of the porch, but that requires me to saw some wood on the saw mill first. 
I often feel that my projects take longer than they should, but I suppose it is because I start out with a bunch of logs as raw material. Milling takes some time, and so does running the boards through a planer. 
And right now I am completely out of 1x5" boards that I need to use for the sides of the porch, and I also need to make some material for the steps as well, but that will have to wait until I come home again.

Apart from the work on the porch, I had a good time with the family, we went fishing and also went on a small trip to London.

Our oldest child Laura had been signed up for a boarding school. Those are pretty popular in Denmark for the 9th and 10th grade. 
We sent her off, and that felt like a huge parental step sending your child "away". She'll be back next year for her secondary education, but I am confident that she'll grow during this year.

Now I need to consider what my next on board project should be.

No matter what you did in your summer, I hope you had a great time and have recharged your internal batteries.