Sunday, October 6, 2013

A little progress on various projects.

Roubo red stain:
The ecologically sustainable stain is not developing very fast. As a matter of fact it is incredibly slow. I think there is about half a tea spoon of liquid in the lower bucket, so I wont even bother to take a picture of it yet. I have managed to collect some urine from the horses that I have poured over the dung, but it hasn't seeped through yet.
The horses have started to look a bit puzzled though, since I always have a small bucket ready when I am near them. They haven't exactly been super cooperative, but we are slowly getting a bit closer to the goal..

Tool chest for the sea:
I have just finished the shell for the tool box, it is drying as I write. The plan is to separate the upper and the lower part of the case once the glue has dried. I'll see if I remember to take some pictures of it once I get to it.
I did plan to take pictures today, but then suddenly the oil fired boiler for the central heating of our house stopped working, This meant no warm water.. SWMBO generally like it when there is warm water in the tap, so I had to shift the priorities a little. Funny enough, the tool chest didn't come out on top.
I managed to get the thing going again, and I have ordered some spares so I can repair the thing once the parts arrive.
The thrill of typing your credit card details on a web shop is slightly more modest when the 400$ is being spent on a new circulation pump, a safety valve and an automatic air bleeding valve, compared to the thrill I would have felt by ordering e.g. a nice set of chisels.

Yesterday Gustav and I went looking at a new stain manufacturer, and we found one that Gustav really liked, so I'll probably pick it up on Tuesday provided the vet says everything is OK.
Conveniently Gustav preferred the pony with the shortest name which make making a name sign an easy job.
So the name sign is: "Bas".
Another pony we looked at was named: "Drumbad Rathmore Prince", A name sign for that pony would have been quite a task..


  1. Jonas:

    You dehydrate your horses apparently... in the words of the great Toby Keith, give them some beer. They will pee a lot more...

  2. You should name your new pony Minwax!

  3. My horse name is Drumbad Rathmore Prince, he live in Sweden now.

    1. Thanks for letting me know :-)
      He really looked like a fine horse. He had the most beautiful trot.
      I would have liked him, but our son was not so experienced when we looked at him, so we found a pony which was a few years older.

      I hope you will enjoy many happy hours together with Drumbad.

      Best regards