Saturday, March 22, 2014

Finally back in the workshop

After a stressful period at sea, I made it home a little more than a week ago. I had 3.5 great days at home until I unexpectedly received an SMS with a hotel booking in Norway..
It seemed no one at the company had bothered to tell me that I had been booked for a 5 day course in Dynamic Positioning system maintenance in Norway! So I had to spend more time away from my family just after getting home. The worst thing is that the course wasn't very good and should only have lasted 2 or three days at the most. So all in all, a sad waste of time.

Today we had Asgers class mates over for a late celebration of his birthday, this involved driving various vehicles ranging from a garden tractor to a motorcycle with a sidecar. All the kids liked it and had a great time. After the supper I was able to make it into the workshop to finally continue my build of the Barnsley Hayrake table.

I made a mortise for the two arms of the central lower stretcher. And a mortise and tenon for the cross piece at the end of the aforementioned stretcher. I had almost one and a half hours out there, and it almost recharged my internal batteries. Woodworking is a great stress reliever to me.

Tomorrow I hope to continue and maybe even finish one end of the lower stretcher.

I just stumbled over this old picture of my daughter Laura and our old dog.

The fruits of a nice evening in the workshop.


  1. I'm a big fan of that table design. I like it because it can be made from rustic to ultra fancy and with many different species of wood. Will you be using this as a dining table?

    1. Hi Bill.

      This is something as unusual as a project for someone else. I guess it means that someone thinks I am good at woodworking.
      The funy thing is that I have wanted to build such a table since it was featured in Popular Woodworking in 2009. But I have never taken the time to do so.
      The table will end up being fairly large to say the least: 118" x 43" and the table top is 2" thick. I think it will end up being really heavy as well.
      My father has got a hand band sander that I will borrow for the table top. because flattening that one will be the biggest challenge.