Thursday, July 24, 2014

Stock preparation for chairbuilding extravaganza

The summer holiday is upon us with all that it means = not too much time for woodworking. Next time I get home from the ship the plan is to have a chairbuilding extracaganza meeting, where a couple of woodworkers will try to make a Welsh stick chair.
The meeting is going to be held at my place, and I am going to supply the elm for the seat blanks.

This means that for once I actually have a purpose for sawing with the mulesaw.

going through 24" of old elm isn't easy, so one plank takes more than 1 hour to saw. Yesterday I had to rearrange the motor for the mulesaw, because the flat belts kept slipping. Now I have made the setup, so there is no clutch between the electric motor and the saw, but still it is not a fast saw.
The good thing is, that the surface looks nice, and the board is flat.

Compare the size of the log to the standard barrel next to it.

Close up of the saw blade.

A look from the outfeed side.


  1. It's hard for me to imagine the mulesaw in action from photos. It's just one of those things I think you need to see in person to get the full effect.

  2. I need to find out how to attach a video, though that won't capture the smell and the vibrations of the saw.
    Jonas (who just returned on board again..)

  3. Jonas! I'll see you early Sat morning! Let me know what I owe you for all the hard work with wood and prep.

  4. Brian and I'll wait up for you :-)

    I think that Brian has invested more than I have, but lets have a look at that sometime during the weekend.

    See you

    1. What's the weather like for the weekend? I was thinking about just bringing a 1-man tent and a sleeping bag...

    2. I think the weather is going to be OK, but there is no need for a sleeping bag or a tent.
      Gustav will sleep in Asgers room, so there will be a bed available.
      the guest room has a double bed, but Brian is in there, and I don't know if he is snoring :-)
      If you want to there is also a hay loft with bales. That could make a cosy place to sleep.
      But if you want to there is also room for a tent inthe garden, but it really isn't necessary.
      See you in a couple of days.