Saturday, July 4, 2015

Treasure chest with curved lid part 2

Yesterday I found a set of pallet sides for half a Euro pallet.
It was a set that I had saved from some time ago, when we received some spare parts. the wood has been stored in the engine room, so it is bone dry.
Not surprisingly the quality is not furniture grade, but that has never stopped me from attempting to make something out of it anyway.

The wood is flat sawn spruce, so it is no wonder that it has cupped quite a bit. The two sides of the chest had cupped the least, so I managed to flatten them with out sacrificing too much of the thickness. The end boards were a different story. They ended up being roughly 1/8" thinner than the sides, but as long as they are uniform in thickness, I'll probably be able to make it look all right somehow.

After sketching a square sided chest with a curved look, I decided that it looked a bit dull. Next I tried to draw a canted chest with a smaller footprint than top, and that looked better.
When I added an exterior bottom and some feet it actually looked quite fine. So that is going to be my main plan for the time being.

I decided that the size of the chest on the upper part should be 16 x 11" (40 x 28 cm).
My idea is that the canted sides should not have too bold an angle, as this might make the chest a bit unstable. So I have just shortened the lower part of the sides and ends with 3/4" (2 cm) in each end.
It will give each end a ratio of approximately 10:1.
By looking at my sketch, it will look pretty good if I make the exterior bottom a bit wider than the bottom of the carcase, and the feet a bit wider yet. So the feet might actually end up being directly under the upper corners of the chest.

With the sides and ends flattened and jointed on the long edges, I sawed them all to the desired length.
I wanted to make use of my moving fillister plane, so contrary to my normal procedure at sea, I am going to make dovetails with the tails first.
So I planed a shallow rabbet for the back side of the tails. Next I used a set of dividers to lay out the tails and a small piece of cardboard to mark out the sides (just as usual).

I sawed the tails and decided that I didn't want to push my luck by starting to chisel out the waste tonight.
The parts were quickly taped together to give me an idea of the size and shape of the project.
It looked a bit too deep, but the depth will be reduced once I make the dovetails.

The lower part of the treasure chest.


  1. Another nice project beginning to take shape.


    1. Hi Greg.

      Thanks for the encouraging comment :-)
      At some point I might even start making projects like these at home, with some slightly more suitable wood.

  2. I think it would look just fine, I like the overall shape so far.

    1. Hi Bob.
      I just finished the dovetails, and it looks pretty much like I had envisioned. That is a fine start :-)