Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What did you do in your summer vacation?

Remember the first days of school after a summer vacation? Those days you always talked about what you had actually been doing with all your friends.

Well, for one thing, I haven't been blogging.
I have been busy completing the porch, and since the weather was really nice, It never appealed to me to fire up the computer in the evening and blog about the progress. 
And all of a sudden the holiday was over, and I am back on the ship, without any pictures to prove that I actually did do some work while I was at home.

I have still not decided if there should be some sort of hand rail on the porch. SWMBO prefers to keep it without a hand rail, but I am not so sure. For a start, I haven't added one. 
I still need to make the front steps of the porch, but that requires me to saw some wood on the saw mill first. 
I often feel that my projects take longer than they should, but I suppose it is because I start out with a bunch of logs as raw material. Milling takes some time, and so does running the boards through a planer. 
And right now I am completely out of 1x5" boards that I need to use for the sides of the porch, and I also need to make some material for the steps as well, but that will have to wait until I come home again.

Apart from the work on the porch, I had a good time with the family, we went fishing and also went on a small trip to London.

Our oldest child Laura had been signed up for a boarding school. Those are pretty popular in Denmark for the 9th and 10th grade. 
We sent her off, and that felt like a huge parental step sending your child "away". She'll be back next year for her secondary education, but I am confident that she'll grow during this year.

Now I need to consider what my next on board project should be.

No matter what you did in your summer, I hope you had a great time and have recharged your internal batteries.


  1. Hi Jonas,

    what I did in the summer? I visited a circus close to you:

    And we made a few saws.

    venlig hilsen

    1. Hello Pedder.

      Aalborg is only about an hour and fifteen minutes drive from where I live.
      If you come to Denmark again, you are more than welcome to stop by our house.

      Luckily the last few weeks of nice warm weather ensured that the fields were harvested, so we managed to get some trips on the horses before heading back to work. It is more fun than riding alongside a road.

      Mit freundlichen Grüssen

  2. Hi Jonas, Thanks for the invitation! I'll do, but can't see me making this 8 hour trip (both directions) soon again.


  3. Hey Jonas,
    I'm glad to hear that you had a great summer. My summer started out just great. We had nice weather, we spent much time at the swimming pool, we went on several small trips, etc. But it seemed like after Independence Day things went downhill quite quickly, as I was telling you before. I'm hoping that the autumn brings better health and a bit more normalcy (and a lot more woodworking!)

  4. Also, my wife says that one day she would like to visit Denmark. If so, and we are near to you, perhaps once we could meet up and "hang out" for a bit.

  5. Hi Bill

    If you ever get to Denmark, you are most welcome. Does your wife have ancestors from Denmark?

    I really hope that the autumn will be good for you and your family.

    I myself haven't been in the mood for woodworking this time on board. I am dreaming about building a small boat and also making a timber frame shed for the summer house, but I seem unable to move past the sketching stadium.

    I think I need to finish the porch when I get home, and then lay low on the larger projects for some time.

    I haven't made a small woodworking project in my shop for a long time, and I miss that.

    Thanks for commenting


  6. My wife's family is originally from England and Germany, but I believe she saw a television show about resort islands in Denmark which I believe is called Bornholm. I told her that it is probably much cooler there in the summer than she is used to (for instance, it is 34.5 C here today). She seemed to think that would be great, but at the same time she gets cold when it is 18 C here, which I think is perfect weather.
    I'm hoping to start my new leg vice this coming weekend, and then a wall clock a la Paul Sellers. Good luck at sea. Stay safe and I hope you have great weather!

  7. Hi Jonas
    Good to hear from you again. Had a similar summer, work on the house and work on friends projects. Did a few touristy things with the wife. Haven't spend much time in the shop for a while. Looking forward to start again soon. Congrats to Laura, it's a big step for sure when your kids moved out to pursuit their education.
    We have been empty nester for many years now.
    Best regards

  8. Hi Robert.

    Sorry for the late reply.
    I hope to finish the stairs of the porch when I get home, but we also need to have installed a new sewer system (a requirement from the fascist regime of the local municipality).
    I hope to do a bit of work in the shop, but lets see what the future brings.

    It really does feel like a huge step when your children grow older. Fortunately she really enjoys herself at the boarding school, so that is a very good thing.
    We have two boys that are younger than her, so I think it will take some years before our nest is empty :-)
    But given the current "speed" of time, I doubt that it will feel like a long time..

    I hope to be able to take a couple of days in our summer house in the autumn holiday, but there is the challenge of getting someone to look after the horses, so it might not be easy to make it happen.

    Brgds Jonas

  9. Well, summer is here for a short while so it is really a total waste to go sit and blog when you have the option to go out and “play”. Maybe you care to share with us the photo of the porch once it’s finished?


    1. Hi Shella.

      Sorry for the very late reply. I have been busy doing stuff, so I haven't had a computer turned on for a long time.
      I couldn't agree more on the "go out and play" idea. That is just the way I am thinking.

      I have taken a photo of the porch and also some of the other projects, I hope to be able to make a blog entry tonight.