Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Working ahead of the schedule

With the roof not even finished, I have undertaken yet another grand project: The future porch!
The reason I have started on this project already is that we still have a hired dumpster for the offcuts from tiles and bricks etc. This represents an opportunity to get rid of the old concrete stairs which would otherwise have required at least 5 trips to the land fill site.

The existing terrace is level with the ground, and the old massive stairs have been cracked and looked worn out ever since we moved in 14 years ago.

The plan for the new porch is to go back to the old original design according to some pictures we have from when the house was new. At that time, the porch was level with the floor inside the house and thus elevated approximately 40" above the ground.
SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) would like a wooden porch, and she would like it to be connected to another future wooden porch at the end of the house!

This leaves me with some planning and a nice job for next year or if I am lucky in the autumn.
Actually I am looking forward to this project since I am beginning to get fed up with having scaffolding and red dust from tiles everywhere.

I will need to mill some wood for the joists and the deck itself. The joists will probably be 2x6 and the deck itself will be 5x 1.25, all made out of larch which is the traditional choice for such a project here in Denmark.

The catch is that I have to go to a course on Wednesday and then back to work on Thursday. So I  won't be able to work on the projects for a period of 2 weeks. But If I am really smart, I am going to take some measurements so I will be able to plan into detail the build of the porch.

Yesterday I managed to persuade my daughter to paint the window for the machinery shed. She could choose between either to help demolish the concrete of the old stairs, or paint the window. She decided for the window.
It makes a remarkable change with a white window compared to the wood colour it was before. The difference is best seen from a distance.
I think that it looks so good that I might have to make some more windows for the machinery shed sometime.

The old stairs to the garden.

The painted window for the machinery shed (the left one)


  1. Funny, we have a mudroom on the side of our house which sits atop a concrete porch that my wife would love for me to replace with a wooden deck. I would love to remove it myself but the roof is somehow attached to the main roof of my house and it could cause issues if I did something wrong. I've considered hiring somebody to remove the room and staircase and then putting up the porch myself. But we were just talking about this on Saturday.
    Great minds think alike!!!

    1. A wooden deck adds to almost any building. The problem is that it takes so long before you get to the actual woodworking. First you need to remove the old concrete, then you need to cast some new concrete pillars for the joists and then you are ready. Unless off course you need to secure the roof at the same time like in your project. Then it starts adding up to a huge project.

      I think that our project might not start until next year or so. Depending on the weather. But at least now I have started it. (Which means there is no more excuses for not doing it)

  2. In my case I would probably hire somebody to pour the concrete pillars as well. Like you said, these projects can become very time consuming. In my situation, I would probably need to take off from work for a week just to do the work, which really wouldn't make much sense. The way I look at it, if I can get somebody to do the demolition and start the base, I can finish the porch in my spare time.
    Good luck with yours by the way!!!