Monday, July 1, 2013

An unusual powertool for woodworking

The door of silence is finished.
Sadly the door and the frame are so heavy that I had to use a power tool to be able to get the assembly out of the barn.
Due to the roofing project of our house the carpenter has left his tractor mounted forklift for us to use, so I could move the door fairly easy.
This is actually the first woodworking project I have ever made that was so heavy and bulky and couldn't be made light enough by taking it apart that I had to use a tractor to move it.
The lower part of the frame is intended to be buried in the ground, hence the plates to protect it from tipping over.
Anja the artist called me the other day and said that another door had been vandalised, so she had found a new place for this door at an exhibition if it was OK with me.
So I have to make some sort of stand for the door so it does not need to be buried in the ground.
Anyway it has been a fun project.

An unusual power tool for woodworking.

The door is being placed up against the wall of the barn for the final finishing touches.

The finished door of silence.


  1. Hi Jonas,
    Nice looking door. Are those home made hinges? They look a lot like gate hinges I've seen around here where I live.

  2. Hi Ralph.
    Thanks. The hinges are not homemade. They originate from my barn. Originally it was a high hinge with two moving parts. It was used to hold a low door to separate boxes for the pigs. I cut the piece on the middle and got two complete hinges out of it. If you look closely, you can see that the upper and the lower part are not identical. The long part of the fixed portion is either above or below the pivot point.
    They are perfectly suited for gate hinges since they are very sturdy made.
    Brgds Jonas

  3. Wow! That door is massive. It didn't seem as large in the other photos you had posted. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I thought that you had made a barn door, or perhaps a stall door out of Larch? I was wondering if you had and if it was difficult to move as well.
    It's a good thing you had access to the fork lift. Still, the door looks great! Great work!

  4. Hi Bill. I have made some other doors out of larch. The ones for the stalls aren't as tall and are made with a lighter stiffening frame. The actual frame of those is incorporated in the holding arrangement for the stall.
    My guess is that the door itself weighs about 150 Lbs. The frame is probably 300 Lbs. The total volume of the door is approximately 100 L, and the volume of the frame is 190 L. I guess the density of larch is around 0.75 kg/L, so that gives a total of around 450 Lbs.
    Thanks for the nice comment.

    1. That door is going to kick some poor, unsuspecting vandal's ass!