Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beckets for the seaborne chest

Since I had given myself the challenge to make some beckets for the chest, I decided that I'd might as well do it properly.

Yesterday while I was still on the ship, I managed to finish the coachwhipping of the two beckets.
One of the few advantages of a long maneuver watch is that you get to sit quietly in the control room and can do stuff like those beckets. Provided off course, that nothing requires you to act on a machinery situation e.g. an alarm.

I made it home late yesterday evening, and after completing some of the major items on my wife's dock list (the list of things I have to mend when I am home) I decided to add some finishing touches to the beckets.

One of the classic ways to end a becket is by a Turks head knot. I decided to go for a 5 stranded Turks head knot. I have a book that shows basically how it is made, and after a test, I finished the 4 ends of the beckets.

Now I have to find some material for the axles, and then I am a bit closer to finishing the chest altogether.

The eye with ringbolt hitching and 5 stranded Turks head.

The finished pair of beckets, awaiting the axles. 


  1. Very nice indeed. Would love to see a tutorial on coach whipping.

    1. Hi Pablo. Thanks for the nice comment. I have basically just lokkede at this page: if you scroll to the bottom of the page, there are some pictures of coach whipping being made. I first made a test piece, and it looks more difficult than it is. The consumption of string is much higher than I expected at first, so make sure you have enough of the same type to finish the entre piece. Brgds Jonas

  2. They look great! Unbelievable actually. I bet you're glad to be home and fixing things; there is nothing more enjoyable sometimes when it comes down to it.

    1. Thanks. I fully agree that doing those things have a great feeling to them. Have a nice weekend.
      Brgds Jonas