Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Small hanging cabinet with drawers part 3

Merry Christmas.

We were led to believe, that the ship would be alongside for the best part of Christmas. But due to bad weather with heavy winds, things have been delayed, therefore we are going to go back to sea tonight, to deliver some more stuff to a rig. This isn't exactly like winning the sweepstakes, but on the other hand, it is what we are getting paid to do. At least we had Christmas eve alongside.

I used the opportunity of still being alongside, to plane all the re sawn boards that I had made for the project. Planing is also one of those things that are easier, when the workshop is not moving.

The boards from the single use pallet were of a mixed quality. Some of them cupped really bad. All in all, there were three small boards that I decided would be a waste of time to try to plane. If I need some more, I'll have to re saw some later on. But for now I'll see how far my stock can get me. They ended up being a bit thinner than I anticipated, so I am curious as to if I am able to make a groove in them for the drawer bottom.

Yesterday, I glued up the back panel, I decided to leave it in the rough until I am going to use it. There is not much idea to flatten it, if it starts to cup and bow and twist before I get a chance to mount it.
There is a little cupping of the panel as it is right now, but it is actually looking better than I had feared.

Most of the planing today was done with the smoothing iron in the plane. I had managed to re saw the thinner boards so they didn't need that much work. The boards for the carcase were dressed with the scrub iron first, to reduce the thickness a bit. I am amazed at how well my plane iron holds up. Another thing is, that I am getting really good at adjusting the plane - in no time I can have it ready for smoothing, and take a nice full width super thin shaving. I guess that practise really does make perfect.

After finishing the planing, I cross cut the boards for the carcase. Then I cleared up in the workshop. Depending on the weather tomorrow, I might try to shoot the ends of the boards and plane a groove for the back panel.

The planed boards and some shavings.


  1. If the drawer stock is too thin, try using slips rather than a groove to capture the bottom. It is traditional and I want to try it someday.

  2. as in this link:

    1. Hi Brian.

      I have thought about drawer slips, and I think I might need to ad those. I didn't measure the thickness, but I guess it is around 3/16", which is kind of thin. They ended up this thin in order to get rid of the cup and coarse surface left from sawing by me and by the pallet maker.

      I am glad that I did some work on the project yesterday evening, because the weather is just plain awful at the moment..

      I could see that the woodworker in your link also refers to "The essential woodworker". I have actually brought that book with me. It is a marvel of information. I am going to try to fit hinges the way Robert Wearing suggests it.
      Brgds and merry Christmas