Sunday, January 18, 2015

Buy flowers for your wife day

There are all sorts of days where shops try to press you into buying flowers, candy or jewellery for your wife or girlfriend.
The problem with those days is that the person receiving the flowers know that you didn't think of this yourself.
If on the other hand, you suddenly out of the blue presents your loved one with flowers on some ordinary day, the effect is often quite remarkable.

Since it is unlikely that your wife or girlfriend regularly visits woodworking blogs, I figured that this would be a good place for advocating the idea.

So please consider giving your wife some flowers today or tomorrow. You don't have to buy them, if you can find some flowers in a field or someone else's garden it will be fine too (provided that you are allowed to pick those flowers!).

It doesn't have to be a super fancy bouquet, just some flowers to make her happy. If you are in doubt, I am sure the florist at the shop can help you with a suggestion.

If you are not near your home at the moment, consider getting flowers delivered to your wife via Interflora or some other long distance flower delivery system.

I am in no way economic connected to any flower programme, so I don't make any money on you buying any flowers.

Have a nice day :-)


  1. I tried to do it for our anniversary and the delivery company really messed it up big time. The funny thing is that was the first time I had tried to have flowers delivered to my wife since we've been married. Normally if I would like to pick up flowers for her I would go the a florist which is just a few streets over from where I work.
    I think it is a good idea, and something that I will certainly do on Valentine's Day. Whether or not my wife will buy into the premise is another matter :)

    1. Hi Bill.

      I remember your last ordeal with the flower delivery.. Hopefully it will be better next time :-)
      I just had some flowers sent to my wife today at her job. Turns out she had taken the day off..
      She had spent the entire weekend on some work related course, so she needed the day to catch up on things at home.
      She was still happy though, because they had called from work and told here there were flowers for her.
      So she'll get them tomorrow.