Saturday, October 20, 2018

Ash log for the mulesaw (now with videos!!)

One of my neighbours had downed a large ash tree a couple of months ago. He never knew that I had a sawmill, but after he found out, he told me about this log that he still had lying on his property, and asked if I was interested in buying it. 
We agreed on a price of around 70$ including transportation!
And he assured me that he was happy with the price, he just wanted the log out of the way, and preferred that it would go somewhere where it would be put to good use.

As far as I remember, Claus delivered the log on Saturday afternoon, and Brian took a bunch of pictures of it all, so all pictures in this post are the courtesy of Toolerable 

I haven't got a dedicated plan for the log, but I will probably make some more seat blanks and perhaps a slab for a workbench.
It also depends on how well the mulesaw will behave. But making thin boards will just take way too much time.
The top speed in material like this is 3" per minute, and that is provided that everything goes smooth. If the blade starts to heat up I have to back down a bit and then it will be much slower. Or the surface will be as wavy as the North Sea in wintertime.

After a bit of nudging from Brian Eve, I reluctantly added two videos to this post. 
This does not mean that i am slowly becoming modern!!

Claus shifting the log from the wagon parked in front of the house.

18' long it will just pass between the barn and the machinery shed.
I have removed one of the doors to the barn to pull out the wagon of the mulesaw.

Placing the log on the wagon.

Trimming a bit to make sure the log can pass the pillars of the mulesaw.

Down to 16.5' but still an nice piece of wood.

Discussing the possibilities of the log.

Forklift in action.

Video showing me jumping over the log


  1. Jonas,

    Wow, just Wow. It would be great if you can get a slab out of the log. The best I can do around here is a downed Saguaro :-).

    I hope to see photos of the milling.

    I forgot to mention the other day that Bertha was looking good.


    1. Hi Ken

      Thanks for the nice comment.
      Saguaro is so exotic for someone like me. Does is resemble wood or is it sort of soft and spongy inside?

      I started milling a bit before going back to work, but the blade heated up a bit, so The first plank is practically useless.
      But I am confident that I'll gt it to work well again. One of the problems is that I don't use the saw that regularly, and wet/fresh ash is kind of weird to saw because it will leave a sticky goo on the blade.

      Bertha is not only looking more adult, but since she has just had her two year birthday, she is slowly starting to behave a bit more like an adult Newfoundland dog. think that 3 year is the magic mark where a dog is finally grown up, but she is so much easier to handle now compared to a year ago.
      Walking her is not a constant tug on the line, except if she sees a deer. In that case it is sort of like holding a pack of sleigh dogs.

      I don't really need another workbench, but it would be fun to make one. And I could always pretend that it was for whenever the boys need to start a workshop of their own. Or I could put it in the small barn at the summer house. I am sure that I can find an excuse :-)


    2. Jonas,

      Saguaro's are made up of many wood like ribs and are basically empty in the middle once dry. Ms Bubba has a dead and dry one wrapped in lights in the back garden. I'll post a photo on my blog.


    3. Hi Ken.

      I tried to google Saguaro cactus, and there was a picture of a dead one that looked like it had a lot of sticks inside.
      If it is as slow growing as they claim, I wonder if the wood is also hard?
      Juniper grows really slow, so that is great wood for turning and small utensils, in addition that that it smells really nice when worked.


  2. Wow! What beautiful pictures you have! Too bad there isn't a video.

    1. Wonderful pictures indeed :-)

      I decided to skip the videos, people might think that I am getting a bit modern..