Monday, December 31, 2018

Repair of leather halter for Bent

While I am at home, I like to go to the forest for a walk with Bertha. The best days are the Thursdays, because Mette has got that day off. We have started kind of a tradition where I walk Bertha and Mette brings Bent (her horse).
I go for one "round", and Mette and Bent moving faster takes two rounds, Then we meet up and go for a walk in a small group with Bertha in the lad, I follow her and Bent follows exactly in my footsteps, so Mette can loosen the reins of him.

The Thursday before I went back to work, and Despite Mettes warnings, I tried to tie Bent to the side of the trailer while I helped to put on his saddle.
Bent is a very calm horse, but he doesn't like to be tied to a trailer, and he demonstrated that very clearly by jerking his head forcefully - and breaking the leather halter.

Mette got a bit irritated, since she had told me this, but I calmed her down by promising her that I would repair the damage. After all I made the halter myself about a year ago, so I knew that I could do it.

As it can be seen in the pictures, Bent broke a piece of hardware and snapped a piece of the leather.

I guess it took something like half an hour to repair the halter, and it was an easy job to do on board. I had brought a few leather working tools with me, and a strip of leather in the correct width.

Broken piece of hardware.

Snapped leather.