Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Messing up the bed room and working with sheet metal

Due to the installation of new Velux windows in the roof, the interior walls of the various rooms also needs to be remodelled.
We have added 10cm of insulation by raising the roof (up to 30 cm), and it is not possible to reuse the old trimming because of the increased thickness of the wall.
This has resulted in that all the rooms upstairs look really bad. I guess that this is one of the projects that moves ahead in the cue to keep SWMBO happy. But until the real roof is finished there isn't much point in starting on them.

I have been so busy with the roof that I feel I have neglected the children a little when it comes to taking them to the workshop.
We have had some new gutters installed and a new "skotrende" (the piece of Zink between two intersecting roofs). There are some small scraps of the Zink left over, and I believe it was time for the boys to learn how to solder sheet metal.

The good thing about Zink is that it is very easy to solder, and they think it is cool to make something out of metal.
I offered that Asger could make a small ship which he did. It is watertight and has proven its seaworthiness in the bath tub.
Gustav wasn't satisfied with being offered to make a ship - he wanted something a bit more spectacular i.e. a tank. That required a bit more soldering, but the end result is quite O
Lack of trim around the window.

1window is still covered with the sub roof and awaiting installation.
Making the turret.
The finished turret. 

The finished tank.

The finished ship with some nice looking soldering.


  1. I love the tank and boat. Will you paint them some fancy colors? Maybe a camouflage tank? I personally haven't done any sheet metal work since my former company closed down. I don't know how you feel, but I love installing trim and mouldings, especially when you need to build them up from separate pieces. Unfortunately my house isn't the type of house that would look correct with a lot of fancy trim work, but before my daughter was born I was able to experiment in her future bedroom and I made the crown moulding using built up pieces of flat stock and cove moulding. I think it turned out really great and the best part is that when you look at it you would never know that it's not a true "crown". Many people have asked where I purchased it and I always tell them that I made it and they don't believe it. I was also able to do some experimenting when we gutted out the family room of our house. So I hope you manage to have fun doing all of the trim work, and even get to experiment a little.

  2. I actually never thought about painting the tank and the boat, but it might be a good idea. I'll pass on the suggestion to the proud owners.
    I wouldn't say that our house is the type with a fancy moulding, but there is a little here and there.
    My father once helped me build up a crown moulding on a cabinet for the kitchen of various different pieces. Once it has been painted (a cream colour in our kitchen), it looks like one huge profile.
    Our bedroom is the only one that has got wooden walls all the way from the floor to the ceiling, so those windows will be OK to finish. The rest of the rooms have got plaster on the upper part of the wall by the window, and that is not so fun to work with. Once fitted it will need to be primed and painted etc.

  3. We had a new Velux window put in our appartment a couple years back. It works great.

    Renovations like this can be a pain, but I notice that if a contractor does something I could have done myself, their standards aren't as high as mine. Therefore, I try to do as much of this kind of stuff as possible. It is time consuming, but if you want it done right...

  4. I couldn't agree more.
    I like to help as well to keep the total cost down a bit plus I can comment if something does not look right to me.
    Actually we already had Velux windows installed, but according to the newest set of building regulations these were too small to work as escape routes. hence we had to install some larger ones as we changed the roof.

  5. I like the boys' metalwork! I've also had fun with my kids soldering copper wire salvaged from electrical flex - making woven bracelets, twisted wire figures etc.

  6. Thanks Rob.
    I think they like the metal working so much because it does not need to dry like ordinary glue. That gives a fast result.