Sunday, June 23, 2013


A local artist was asked to decorate 7 doors for a project called "Pilgrim Mors".
The idea is that each door symbolises one of the 7 pilgrim words:

No worries (= bekymringsløshed in Danish)

The door representing "Silence" was placed in a park in the main city of our island (population approximately 10.000).
Apparently it was a bit too provocative to someone that a door representing such a dangerous thing as silence was placed in the public space - so somebody vandalised it completely. You can see the result of it here: Broken silence (the site is in Danish)

I happen to know the artist, and I felt bad that her work of art was destroyed after being on display for about a month or so. The doors were all old doors that had been salvaged and given to her. SO they were mostly made for interior use and they were never meant to be vandalism proof.
As you can see, whoever did the job made sure it was done thoroughly.

I talked to Anja (the artist) and explained that I would like to build her a new door that would be a little more sturdy than the old one, so it would require an even bigger effort to destroy it if the vandals should want to try it again. She liked the suggestion, so I have started making a door as an ad hoc project.

The frame is being made by 6x6" larch that is assembled with drawbored tenons. The door itself is going to be made out of 1½" massive larch mounted upon 2x5" stiffeners. The hinges are some old hinges from an interior door in my barn.

I like the idea to be able to contribute to that art and the freedom of expressing oneself is not intimidated to silence by means of simple acts of vandalism.

The upper part of the frame ready for assembly.

The assembled frame. (It needed to be pulled ½"into square).


  1. How sad. My first reaction is to say, "People suck!"

    However, good on you to help make it right again. I would like to see someone try to vandalize a massive 1 1/2" thick door!

  2. My guess is that it is probably some high school kids who have had too much to drink. But it still sucks.
    The good thing is that the artist (Anja) is really cool about it. She commented it in the local newspaper stating that other peoples silence could be provocative to some and at least they had silenced her piece of art thoroughly.
    She told me that when we will resurrect this door she will get the paper to take some pictures and we will make a happening. So she might end up getting more publicity out of it that way.
    I hope to start on the door itself today.

  3. Is there a picture of the piece before it was broken up? I cannot imagine what it looked like viewing what is left.

    1. Hi Paul. There is a picture on the following address. This site is also in Danish.
      The are pictures of the other doors as well.

  4. Sorry to hear about the vandalism but some people are complete morons. It's a good thing that you are doing, though. I'll tell you what, you are setting the bar rather high: Expert Woodworker, metalsmith, farmer, carpenter, engineer, sailer, father, husband, and now philanthropist. Now all you need to do is save a supermodel from drowning and become an astronaut and nobody will ever be able to match you!

    1. You almost made me blush over all those compliments.

  5. Your resume' is much better than mine. So far I have: Electrician, Woodworker, Father, Husband, and Thug. I can also probably add: Hated by certain woodworking writers but that's not something I probably want on my transcript.

  6. You have served in the military. I only made it to the National Guard :-)

  7. This door will be awesome ... spectacular craftwork!!!
    I can't thank you enough for making it possible for my "SILENCE" to reemerge in a new and MUCH more resistant incarnation! ... Perhaps it could count as "saving a supermodel from drowning"...?!

    The door was a double door, on the outside a big church-bell was visible from a distance. And when one opened the door one would see that hidden in the little space between doors - on the inside - a girl sat quietly and in silence ... waiting for her soul to settle in. (a closer view at her can be seen here ( )
    In this moment though she is in between worlds. But soon - with the help of you Jonas - she will reappear!
    Can't wait to introduce her to the world again, and hopefully she will have a longer life in the second round <3


    1. I think Jonas has already saved a supermodel from drowning but he is so modest that he hasn't told anybody about it.

    2. Oh yes thats right - I forgot - Of course he has!!! Actually my guess is that he is the danish version of Clark Kent ... and in al secrecy he saves the planet - one good deed at a time :-)

    3. uh ... people who don't know me could think that I was being sarcastic and in that remark ... believe me, I am not. Actually I am sort of bad at irony - which is a problem in Denmark where irony and sarcasm is the backbone of danish humour. What I do like and try to do is to grow and nourish dreams, wellbeing and the right and will to do good and feel goooood!
      So just to clearify: I DO think very highly of Jonas and his work. I AM very gratefull that he has chosen to spend valuable time in this project. The other day I was at Jonas' and he turned on the (very big and even more noisy) mule saw - and must say that it scares me quite a bit... But the end result is by far worth the noise!

      I look very much forward to let my brushes dance around the new door.

      And now I will leave you Guys to manly talk about Wood Work and big noisy machinery ... which I admit to know absolutely nothing about and can't contribute to!

      // Anja

  8. I've never met Jonas, but in my mind he isn't completely human! He is more like a mythical being that waves a wand and creates beautiful woodworking projects with little effort. And I mean that very much as a compliment.

    All kidding aside, I believe that Jonas is a person who has been gifted with intelligence, skilled hands, and most importantly, patience. I can say that just because of the way he built his sea chest. I like to think that I'm smart and skilled with my hands, but I have little patience. So I will keep looking to Jonas and others like him for inspiration and the hope that I will gain patience.

  9. Thanks for the far too kind comments. I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I too can loose my temper an I am not always as patient as I could be.

    Anja is the real patient person in this story. If it had been my work of art that had been vandalised I would have thrown a fit. Anja just accepted the fact and made a real cool statement in the newspaper about it.