Sunday, April 20, 2014

And they lived happily forever after..

I planed some grooves in the sides and the ends. Then I planed the bottom so that it could fit into the grooves. 
Everything was sanded and the corners were sawn of the bottom to make room for the posts.

I started by glueing up the headboard, and put in a small headless brad to reinforce things a bit. Then I did the same thing to the foot end of the bed.

The sides were attached to the posts of the headboard and the bottom was slid in. After that the foot end of the bed was attached. 

All that is needed now are a bunch on mattresses, a pea and a princess. Then the fairy tale can begin over and over again in the mind of my niece.

The fairy tale bed on the floor of the control room.

What did I learn about the build:
-It is a quick build that can be made together with children if it has to be.
-Nailing the bottom on will probably give a more stout construction, but either my bottom wasn't wide  enough, or the ends were too wide.
-A little paint and some gold enamel on the crown will make the bed more "royal", after all princesses do like pink, cream and gold colours (as far as I remember from when my daughter was younger).
-I had to struggle some to find the motivation for this build. I have to accept the fact that I prefer making chests and slightly larger pieces. So I guess that I will have to give in to that feeling and start making something along those lines.


  1. Once again when I looked at it I thought I was looking at a full sized bed frame. I will have to show it to my daughter later, though I know that she will want me to make one for her doll house immediately-like me she has little patience.
    Great work!

    1. My wife guessed that it was 5 years ago she asked me to make this bed, so in the mean time, the recipient have grown considerably and the new recipient is the little sister. who is at a fitting age.
      My wife had bought a book with the fairy tale to go along with the gift, so now we'll have to see if we can find that one.
      The bed is approximately 6" x 10" and the posts are 5.75", so It would probably fit a lot of dolls, but I am afraid that a Barbie doll is a little too tall for the bed.
      So if you are going to make one together with your daughter, you might want to check out the size of dolls already in the house, or available on the market. Otherwise you will have to help her make a doll as well (not the worst thing that could happen though).