Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fairy tale woodworking

Once upon a time a woodworker was asked by his wife to make a small bed.

The bed was supposed to be the size of a doll bed, but not of any specific size.

The plan of the wife was to present this little bed to a very young niece as a present for her to play with.

Along with the bed, the wife was planning to make several small mattresses and a small doll with a princess' crown on her head. At one side of one of the several mattresses there would be sewn a small green round object - A pea.

With the bed, the mattresses, the princess and the pea, the young niece should be able to play with the things in a way that was already described in an existing fairy tale.

Now two questions arise:
What fairy tale could that be?
Will the woodworker be able to undertake such a task while on board his ship?

The last question is probably the hardest, but lets see in a couple of days.


  1. The Princess and the Pea! I've always had mixed feelings about that one. Anyway, that may be a tough one to attempt at sea, but if anybody can do it I believe it is you. Good luck.

    1. Correct guessed :-)
      It is not my favourite fairy tale either, but it is what I once promised my wife to make.
      I actually made one bed for the fairy tale some years ago, but now there is a new niece at the proper age, so I have to build another one.