Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fairy tale woodworking 2

After some busy days, I managed to get a little time in the workshop this evening. I have now made the posts for the bed along with the headboard and the footboard (if that is the name?) and the sides.

The posts each have two mortises for receiving the sides and ends.

I decided to try to make some acorn shaped tops on the posts, but I'm not quite sure how they will look once they have been sanded.

The next step is to make some grooves for attaching the bottom of the bed, and then off course to make the bottom.

After that it should be a matter of sanding the parts and assemble the bed.

I have made a carving of a small princess' crown on the head board as a decoration, that way the bed can not be mistaken for an ordinary doll bed.

Some of the mortises and tenons are a bit too loose, but I intend to ad some small nails to reinforce the joint anyway.

The preliminary assembly.


  1. That is awesome! For a moment I thought it was a full sized bed frame until I noticed the telephone. How did you shape the legs? They look turned at the tops! Will you have a mattress for it? I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.

  2. Hi Bill
    I made a bed like this a couple of years ago for the same purpose, That one I turned the lower part of the legs on the lathe and it looked really good.
    I wanted to try something a little bit different this time, so the legs have been shaped with a chisel. It is actually just a bunch of chamfers that are increasing in depth.
    The top is made the same way. Except for the V shaped notch below the heads of the posts. That was made with a hobby knife.
    Probably my wife or perhaps my daughter will sew some mattresses for it, and I think last time my wife made a small princess to go along with the gift. The pea is sewn to one of the mattresses so it doesn't get lost.