Saturday, January 28, 2017

WSBO 1, stock preparation and making mouldings

It should come as no surprise to regular readers of this blog, that the stock for this build will come from a pallet frame.

Right now our ship is laid up and we haven't received new pallets for quite some time, but I found an old set of pallet sides that I could use.
The grain is not as straight as I would like it to be, but it will probably be OK.

First I sawed off the four hinges of the pallet frame, and then I decided on which piece was going to be the top and the supports and the back.

I ripped the stock and cut it to length with a bit extra.

Next I used my plane is a scrub set up, and dressed the boards to a bit over the final desired thickness. Once all of the boards had been scrub planed, I switched to the smoothing blade, and made the surface look nice.

My idea is to start with the back piece, then I can make the supports and the actual shelf while the glue of the back is drying.

So the next logical step was to plane down the sides and make sure that the 3 pieces for the back were of the same width.
They were then crosscut and I tried to establish how I wanted them to end up being oriented on the finished shelf.

I clamped up something like a sticker board, and using my Stanley No 50 combination plane I made mouldings on the edges of each boards.

The next task is to make the joinery for the back and assemble that.

My selection of materials.

Maximum length of material.

Cross cutting pieces for the back.

Sticker board set-up.


  1. Neat. I look forward to reading about your build.

    Do you think you'll finish today, or will you also need tomorrow?

    1. I have decided to not make any secret compartments after all, so I hope to finish today.
      I have instead used a lot of time experimenting with the combination plane and the blades for mouldings.