Monday, September 24, 2018

Danish Chairbuilding Extravaganza 2018, day 1

DCBE day minus 1, Olav and I drove to Aalborg Airport to pick up Brian Eve.
We had a great ride home and Brian was impressed that the Danish legislation allows you to drink a beer while inside the car. Even the driver can have a beer, just as long as he/she stays below the BAC limit of 0.5 per mille.

Earlier that day, I had picked up the extra workbenches at Olavs place, and Olav and I helped each other unloading them at my shop, so all was ready for building some chairs.

The first day started with going through the stock of wide boards and determining which things we wanted to build.
Brian has decided to make a Velda's rocker, Olav wants to make a shaving horse, Ty is doing a new design and I am going to attempt making a sack back nanny rocker.

Ray Schwanenberger had graciously offered to send me a copy of the plans for his nanny rocker.

They were scheduled to arrive Saturday, but thanks to the incompetence, lack of service and skills by the Danish Mail (which is now called Post Nord), the planes didn't arrive until Monday afternoon.

Fearing that the plans might not arrive until the end of the week, I started designing my own nanny rocker. I made it as far as building a bending form for the arm crest, and then suddenly the real plans were available to me.
Those plans are spectacular - nothing less!.
I decided to ditch my own design and follow the plans, then I would know that the concept would work and I can always try out my own design when I have built my first NR (nanny rocker).
So I sort of started from the beginning again in the early evening, so that's why I haven't got a lot of impressive stuff to show.

In addition to this I forgot to take a lot of pictures during the day..

Load of benches.

I found some use for my drafting whales!

The first attempt of a bending form.

Brian using the planer.


  1. I enjoy building with only hand tools, but I am not opposed to machines for any other reason than I don't have room and can't make that kind of noise. I love your jointer, I think it's my favorite power tool of all time. It looks like a death trap with all those exposed belts and no safety gear on it at all. As funny to the modern eye as it looks, it is a wonderful machine.

    1. That machine is also one of my favourites.
      I am glad that you are getting better and better at using it.

  2. Ahh now I understand the pallet. I like the fact that you are using it to mount your bending form on it. I wish I could be there, especially with the beer in the auto..

    1. Hi Ray

      Thanks for commenting.
      I got the idea for the pallet because I am cheapskate :-)
      I thought that there was no need for me to buy some "expensive" plywood just to mount a form on.


  3. "Even the driver can have a beer, just as long as he/she stays below the BAC limit of 0.5 per ml."
    Is there something that is added to Danish beers to create such a rational and responsible populace?
    I'm raising my glass in Nanjing to wish you all success in your various endeavors.

    1. Hi Mitchell

      I really doubt that there is something special in the Danish beers :-)
      But it is nice to be able to do it without fearing getting into trouble with the police.