Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Danish Chairbuilding Extravaganza 2018, day 3

I felt like rephrasing the title post used by Ray Schwanenberger some years ago when I first spotted the nanny rocker, instead mine would be:
Oh heck, is it already Wednesday!

I feel that I should be half done with the chair by now, because clearly Ray is able to complete the chair from starting out quietly Monday morning and being all done on Wednesday. At least that is what I imagine from his blog post (I have very high thoughts on Rays work as you might have guessed).

Well my Wednesday saw me completing the sack back bend, and from then on it was spindle making time.

There are 28 short spindles and 7 long ones. I discovered that I could make them much faster and better looking using a spokeshave than I could on the lathe.
Before calling it a day, I started sanding them, but I didn't get all of them done, so I'll have to continue with that today.

Generally there has been a steady progress on everyone's projects, and it is interesting to watch the different techniques employed at each participant's workbench.

Short spindles pre tapered on the jointer.

Bending the sack back piece.

A few of the short spindles have been rounded.

Setup for rounding over the short spindles.

Olav's shave horse project.

Detail of Ty's chair plan.

Olav adjusting a jointer.

Shaping a long spindle.

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