Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Danish Chairbuilding Extravaganza 2018, day 2

I made a bending form for the sack back and then I readjusted the bending form for the arm crest, so it would fit the plans I got from Ray Schwanenberger.

The sack back bending from is advanced for me, because you need to bend it in two planes.
I made three attempts at that, but all of them broke. So I'll have to see if I can get it done today.

Of other things I managed to flatten the seat for the chair/cradle and I made a run of the short spindles that I tapered. But there is still a bit of a way to go.

As usual I forgot to take many pictures, so all I have for you today are 4 "crappy" shots,

Everyone else in the shop seems to be making great progress, which is really nice, because it means that as a whole, we are all getting better at building chairs.

We forgot to buy some new pastries, so we failed to live up to our own goal in that respect, But to compensate for that we had an opulent dinner with all the bells and whistles (Waldorf salad etc.)

Flattening the seat blank.

Seat blank after some exercise.

Steam box set up.

Arm crest bend clamped to the bending form.


  1. If I may offer some unsolicited advice, it is very helpful to bend around a form with a flexible backing covering the full surface of the bend.
    You can find online a pdf file of a device for bending bows for ox yokes with the keywords: Building an Ox Yoke by David Kramer.
    Without the outside backing support few fibers can initiate a split and the stock is ruined.
    Will you also explain a little how you generated steam for the steambox?
    I'm enjoying every briefing.

    1. Hi Mitchell

      Thanks for the advice.
      I have seen those flexible steel backs being used, but I didn't have any thin steel band on hand, so that sort of ruled it out :-)

      I bought a wall paper steamer for producing steam, and it works a lot better than my old setup with a micro deep fat fryer.

      The funny thing is that this was supposed to be the simpler bend, but for some reason it gave us the most challenge.


  2. Jonas the single piece bend on the arm is fantastic. Mitchell is talking about a bending strap used to support the fibers that are in tension. They work well on single plane bends. If you are getting failures might I suggest bending in the tangential plane and limbering the piece prior to putting it to the form.

    1. Hi Ray

      I feel guilty for not clarifying that we made the arm crest was actually made out of two pieces. It just looks as one piece because they are clamped the each end of the same bending form.
      The bending form is so high that I could accommodate two strips on top of each other.

      I think that having gotten a wall paper steamer for my steam generating has improved the chances greatly. I guess I just need to do a bit more practicing to get better.