Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New woodworkers onboard

It seems that my sea chest build in the engine room workshop has sparked some interest among my fellow ship comrades.

Yesterday we received some more stores, and I disassembled the pallets for whatever "nice" wood there was to find.

Yesterday one of my colleagues asked if it was OK, that he had taken one of the boards?
No problem, I just salvaged the wood, so it wouldn't be incinerated. But what did he want to make?

He wants to make a wooden fishing reel, I guess it is for deep sea fishing, but a traditional type (it has probably got some correct English term). So that is is one new woodworker. Perhaps he will like it so much that he will continue.

Half an hour ago, a second colleague (the third engineer) said that he had discovered some wood in the workshop behind the lathe. And asked if he could take a piece of it?
I had actually seen this board as the future skirt of the sea chest, but he was so enthusiastic, that I instantly decided that I could find another piece of wood.
Now he wants to make a shelf for his mobile phone. For his home.

His idea is to saw out a small shelf for a corner, and round it in the front, then remove material from the top, leaving only a small edge around the outside. I tried to explain to him that it will be very difficult given the tools we have onboard, and the fact that the wood he has chosen is by far the hardest wood we have got.


  1. Having spent 20 years in the Navy, I can understand people wanting to woodwork. Sailors have always found a way to while away the time at sea.

  2. I'm not sure who talks about the difference of passing time where one distinguishes between "activitites" and "actions". Playing computer games, watching TV etc. are activities. Making a sea chest (and even more so in company) is an action. I think it must be a goal for all of us to get more of the latter into our lives. - maybe all of this is an obvious point, but I was just reminded of it when seing that more were beginning to do wood work.

    1. That says it all.

      I think that you would actually like to read Doug Stowes blog: Wisdom of the hands.
      You can find it under: Blogs that I follow. (At the right side of this page).