Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sea chest build part 7

I managed to glue the case together the other night. I had to use two lashings, since I didn't have enough clamps. One of the ends had started to cup, and I needed to clamp it to get it to look right.
Sadly the glue that I have been using isn't the best anymore, so I had a glue fail.

I have had suspicions on the glue being past its premium ever since I started the project. It has a shelf life of 12 months provided it is kept below 20 degrees Celsius. Those 12 months expired 3 years ago, and I guess that the average temperature in the stores room is 28 - 30 degrees Celsius.
The other glue options are contact glue or 2 component glue.
So I'll just continue to use this.

The secret compartments are slowly progressing. they are slowed down by the fact that I needed to glue in a divider, and then I had to wait for the glue to dry before being able to work on it again.

I have managed to make the first secret compartment, and tonight I plan to start on one of the drawers.

Leaning against the tool board, is the panel glue up for the lid.
The lid has been flattened on one side, and I have started doing the other side, so I don't just sit idle while the glue is drying.


  1. No chance for getting another bottle of glue? It would be a shame to expend all those calories to have the chest fall apart later.

  2. I guess being out at sea you aren't just able to run to the hardware store for some glue. The case is looking great however!

  3. I will order some new glue next time we are going to make a purchase order for tools etc. for the engine department. But as for now I guess that I am stuck with it.
    It is a different glue that I am used to. It is Sika who normally makes good glues. It smells like vinegar, and it doesn't dry hard as a normal white or yellow glue, but remains a little flexible or unhardened if you like.

    Regarding the calories: In my opinion it is still more fun burning those of by dsoing woodworking compared to going to the gym. But still I agree that I would be sad to se the chest self destruct.

    I have just finished attaching the bottom, but it is 02:30, so I'll go to bed now.