Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sea chest build part 11

Finally the drawers are all assembled.
I made an insert bottom for the two main drawers, and nailed them in place with shortened homemade nails.
The last secret drawer was glued up, and should be ready for the final trimming today.

I turned some drawer pulls, which didn’t take very long. The first one took an estimated five minutes, and the rest three minutes each.  Turning something to the correct diameter is easy on a metal lathe. Once you know which dial position corresponds to an 8 mm diameter, it is very quick work. In addition they don’t have to be 100% alike. I used the trusty hacksaw as a parting tool, to avoid changing the setting of the iron and thus disturbing my quick 8 mm setting.

The drawers with their pulls glued in place.


  1. Is the large middle drawer skewed? I can't wait to see what the finished chest looks like.

  2. The two large drawers are skewed at the left side, so they will fit the canted front of the chest. I am not very good at taking pictures, so I guess that is why you can't see the skew very well on the smaller of the regular drawers.

  3. This is shaping up to be an amazing build.

  4. I totally agree with Brian! Being Jonas' brother, it doesn't surprise me that much though :-) - when we were kids, two of his all time greatest projects were a cannon that could shoot (and shot a hole in the door of our parent's house) and a kayak made from wooden strips of 5x5 mm and heavy plastic :-) Great job with the sea chest, Jonas! See you ashore!