Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sea chest build part 4

When I was first asked to write a post or two on Brian Eves blog: Toolerable, I never thought that I would do it.
Eventually those posts have made me realize, that I should have a blog of my own.
So I'll continue the story of the sea chest build on this blog instead.

For new readers, the first 3 episodes can be read here:

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For the design, I opted for a tumblehome sea chest, with canted sides and straight ends.

Normally I cut the tails first, but for this project I decided for pins first. Tha main reason is that it is easier for me to balance the ends on the sides, since this could be done without having workholding.

I used a hacksaw for cutting the dovetails, and it works really well. It makes a slightly wider kerf, but it is easy to start and makes a nice cut. So if you haven't got a dovetail saw, I would recommend using a hacksaw. Just make sure the blade is new or at least sharp.

I sawed the pins yesterday, and I chopped out the waste today. I managed to saw and chop one end of a tail board today, and it went together on the first try.

Tonight I hope to finish the remaining 3 corners, and glue up the case.

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