Monday, March 18, 2013

The Christmas comes early this year.

We are in port for once, and I asked one of local employees, if it was possible to find ebony down here in Nigeria.
He investigated a little, and returned and told me it was possible, but it was kind of expensive.
I asked how much, and he said that a plank was approximately 30 U$D.
Now the thing is, I have no idea of the width, thickness nor the length of this plank, but I figured that forking out 30 $ couldn't matter a whole lot, if I get some authentic ebony.

So the Christmas part is me having the butterfly feeling in my stomach like when I was a child and eagerly awaited Christmas eve with the opening of the presents.

I will post a picture of the wood once it gets here.


  1. That is awesome! There aren't too many places left where one can buy legal ebony anymore. I bought a few pieces of ebony off of eBay a few years ago. It was so expensive that I have been afraid to use it.

  2. I don't know how to check, if it really is ebony or not, but for that price, I suppose any nice piece of exotic will be OK. I also have to think of a way to get it home. I told my colleague, that they could saw it into 1 m length pieces so he could transport it back to the ship.
    I am eagerly awaiting his return.

  3. That is a steal one way or the other! Good luck!

    1. Thanks. If everything goes wrong, I can always use the excuse that it was a direct development aid :-)