Saturday, August 3, 2013

An opportunity presents itself.

Yesterday our local horse training centre had its final day. For the last 36 years there have been an incredible amount of children who have had their skills honed on horses and ponies.
But due to the age of the owners and the new legislation regarding horse keeping, the owners decided to call it quits.

We went to the closing reception yesterday afternoon to have a chat and say a proper farewell. Gustav (10) was pretty emotional about it since he had classes there every Friday.

During all the sandwiches, beer and coffee, I suddenly realised that there were two large trunks of elm standing in the small garden. Even though this was neither the time nor the place, I decided to ask Jan the owner, if I could buy those two trunks.

He said that he had actually given them away earlier, but that guy had never done good of his promise.

I decided to move swiftly on this project to avoid someone else getting their hands on the nice trunks and transforming them into firewood.
Luckily my neighbour has got access to a truck with a crane, and he willingly offered to help with the transport.

So in 1 hour Gustav and I will drive out and do some logging. And at 10 o'clock the truck will be there for the pick up and haul the wood straight home to the sawmill.

Hopefully this will provide a lot of wood for Welsh stick chairs and probably also for some other things.

Pictures will follow..


  1. This sounds cool. Be sure to put up some photos!

  2. There's nothing wrong with burning wood, but it's a shame to burn nice wood...

  3. I do burn a lot of wood, but I like to make something out of the nice parts first if possible.
    Sadly the Dutch Elm disease has killed almost every elm in Denmark, and the majority of them has been transformed into firewood. I have done that before I got my sawmill too, but I have always felt kind of sorry that all these magnificent trees that had been around for maybe 100 years weren't made into something. They were simply burned.
    I know it is kind of philosophical, but I like the idea of being able to preserve some of the old elm for the future by making something out of it.
    Besides, there is always a lot of off cuts from the milling process that can go into the stove.