Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Testing the Lie Nielsen No1

I bought a Lie Nielsen No 1 about half a year ago, and I haven't had the time nor the opportunity to give it a proper test.
But today Gustav and Asger joined me in the workshop in the afternoon, so we could move on with their different projects.
Gustav's project which is a secret by the way, actually called for some planning to be done.

I haven't lapped or sharpened the plane, it is straight out of the box, and I think it is OK. I will probably lap it one day, but now it was more important to move on.
It seems very small, even for children to use, so I actually think that it would have been a better deal to buy a No 2 instead. Even Asger's hands are too large for the rear tote.

They both liked the control they had over the plane due to its size, so that it positive.

I "invented" a new project during the testing done by Asger: The children's workbench needs to be raised at least 4".
I still have the original stand for it, so that should take care of it in a short time.

While Gustav was planning the parts for his secret project, Asger and I did some more soldering on the truck that he started to make a while ago. We managed to finish the front part of the truck, complete with 6 wheels which we helped each other to turn on the lathe. There is a trailer hitch on the back, and he wants to make a trailer to go along with it to make it perfect.

Regarding my projects:
The roof is now finished on the outside, and I am trying to clear things up a bit before starting on the interior. I need to make the trim for 6 Velux windows. Which is not something I am looking forward to. But once it is done, the roof project will be finished.


Nice thin shavings.

This workbench is too low.

The truck with wheels and a trailer hitch


  1. I thought that the #1 was a myth. It seems really cool actually and maybe a tool that my little girl could use as she is younger and smaller than your boys. Either way, it is good practice an obviously a well made tool.

  2. It is a really we made tool, and it is everything you would expect from a Lie Nielsen.
    I am amazed at however, how small it is in real life. So for a genuine bench plane for children, I would probably still go with the No 2.
    But it would probably suit a small girls hands a little bit better. But given the prize of the tool, I think the No 2 would be a better deal since it can be used for a longer period.
    But none the less. The No 1 is a really cute little plane.