Saturday, August 31, 2013

The door of creation

As you might remember, I made a new "door of silence", but the artist was given the opportunity to make it into another piece of art instead.

We have just had something called: "Kulturmødet" on the island where I live. The artist (Anja) was asked if she could create a new door for this event. So therefore the "door of silence" instead became: 

Kulturmødet was a national gathering that was supposed to highlight different things about art. E.g.:
-What do we want from art? 
-Do we want art at all?
-How should the state support artists financially?
-What type of art do we want?
+ more questions about art.

Sadly I was unable to find the time to attend any of the discussions, but I did find the time to go to the meeting place and behold "the door of creation".

I really like the way Anja has decorated the door, and I am proud that the community has asked her if the door could be kept in the position even after the "kulturmødet" is over.

Below is a translation of the artists description of the door: 

The door is the manifestation and the sum of the so far largest of my closed doors. A massive mastodon that has been milled and assembled especially for me. It came to me in the moment the silence was broken. I had named my urge of creation and its spirit. The Universe has responded with a manifestation that can't be ignored. Now the door is there, and the choice is mine. Do I want to pass though? Dare I? Can I? Am I able to?
It starts with a thought. The door invites to drop all the "ought" and "should" and instead look inward, rediscover ones own power of creation and from there create an entrance and an exit. A mental journey, which is manifested in the physical World, when we are able to live as intense and confident as infants again. All keys to creation are to be found inside. On the edge between future and past.

(Sorry if the translation is not entirely correct, but we weren't taught translation of philosophical stuff at the marine engineers college).


  1. Good work Jonas... I bet you never thought your door would become a statue of art!

  2. Thank you. It is kind of funny to have made something that is on public display.
    If it is taken down at some point, the idea was that it will be given back to me. Then I would use it in the barn. But I hiope it will be left on display for many years to come

  3. I like the sound of "Door of Creation" It seems that it can be representative of many different ideals that only the beholder imagines, and perhaps that is the intent of the artist. In any case, it is very nice work.

  4. Nice work to both you and the artist! Glad to see you have something out on exhibit, a nice accomplishment for your CV. I think that would make one really nice artsy door in your barn, perhaps it would automatically transform into a "studio".

  5. Thanks for the compliment.
    I think that you are right about that an artistic door would automatically transform the barn into a studio.
    Actually the original plan after getting the door back was to use it on the back of the barn as an entrance to the circular saw mill. But I can always make another door, if the "door of creation" is kept on display.