Sunday, April 21, 2013

Display case for a model steam engine

I have started routing out the top of the foundation, to make a recess for the base plate of the steam engine.
I am using my old fashioned router plane for the job. It is so wide that it can ride on the sides of the foundation.  The plan is to drill out the majority of the waste for the depression in which the flywheel is hidden. Then the depression will be cleaned up using a chisel and holes will be drilled for the various screws that hold the column, cylinder and bearing supports to the base plate.

I still need to determine the best way of making the frame for the glass, so it will look good.  I might even go the safe way and make a test using some left over scraps of larch. I thought about gluing the frame together, but then it will be impossible to change the glass if it ever breaks. So the current idea is to make some sort of system where a small strip will hold the glass in place.

I am expecting to get some Dictum wax for my birthday present, so the goal is to use it for finishing the display case. The reason why I am expecting to receive something this specific is because I ordered it myself, but I haven't yet opened the package.
The package could also contain a book: Das Zimmermannsbuch (a reprint of a 1895 carpenters book) and most likely also a Veritas skewed rabbet plane.  So it is exciting to see if SWMBO will give it to me for the birthday, or if it is for Christmas.

Tomorrow during the daytime, the most energy will probably be directed towards cutting up an elm that was downed 4 days ago due to some very hard winds. It was already dead because of the Dutch elm disease, but I think I might be able to use the lower part of the trunk to make some nice boards.
The rest of the tree will be split into firewood and stacked in the shed for drying.


  1. A mystery package from the tool store. How exciting!


  2. I am really looking forward to the book. It should contain all the necessary information regarding how to build a large house the old fashioned way.
    I plan on building a small shed or annex at our summer house. And this book might give some new (old) ideas.

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