Thursday, April 11, 2013

Everyday inspiration

Yesterday the boys and I went to the workshop without a definite goal.
I decided that I would finish the second Shaker hanging cabinet, so the wood wouldn't be wasted.

Asger has started a collection of sawdust, so he wanted to make his own sawdust to put in a small box. He really enjoyed sawing small pieces of some pine. We had put a page from a newspaper below the board, so all the sawdust could be retrieved.

Gustav had been reading our favourite toy catalogue: The "Mini Grene catalogue" 174 pages packed with agricultural toys.

He had read it thoroughly and found that you could buy a silage space. But he reasoned that it would be fun and realistic to build one by himself.

I told him to find a tractor and a wagon and make a sketch to assess if the size was appropriate before we would start cutting some wood for the project. After a little time this was accomplished, and we could start the actual build.

Gustav making a silage space

The finished silage space
Asger practising sawing


  1. I can't wait until I get some grandkids to make some silage with. And I have never seen such an awesome toy catalog like this one.

  2. We have the hard copy of the toy catalogue, and even I find it interesting. There is a welcome absence of princesses and pink stuff. Just boy's toys.

  3. I see that your boys are dressed warmly for the shop; I have the same discussion with my daughter all the time. And it's funny that your son collects sawdust because my little girl collects shavings. I hadn't realized how many until I found an entire bag of them in her little electric jeep. Just to keep things in the shop neat I unfortunately had to recycle them, but we did save a little box of some of the long ones that are nice and curly. In fact she calls them curlies. It's fun too that your boys would rather make the toys than buy them. We do the same and I hope that she keeps the same attitude of self-reliance as she gets older.