Thursday, April 4, 2013

Very coarse woodworking

After a long flight, and a good nights sleep, few things beat working outside on a nice clear day in the early spring.

I had to cut off a few branches from a large ash, since they are touching the roof when the leaves return to the trees and therefore weighs them down a bit.

Those branches were about 7 m up, so I had to use a ladder. I try not to use a chainsaw while I am on top of a ladder, and these branches could be tackled with hand powered tools.

I enrolled my children in the logging team, and they were responsible for holdig the rope that would prevent the branch from falling down. We had wrapped it three times around a large tree, so they had a small lection in the forces of friction as well.

Ahh, working outside is nice when the sky is blue.
Sawing with a small foldable japanese pullsaw.

One branch to go.


  1. I tried to play safe, so as soon as the branches started to crack, I would climb down. If it didn't break off completely, we attached another rope and a chain block, so we assist gravity in the breaking.
    I admit that I would have preferred a hydraulic lift, but powertools costing more than 20.000$ in a used condition wouldn't get approval by the Senate (SWMBO).

  2. I don't like working off of ladders and I am an electrician. Of course when I was younger I didn't mind it at all, or when I was in the military. As I've gotten older I've become more timid. The highest I go now is about 10-15 ft to clean our windows behind my house

  3. I have liked it better before as well, but I didn't want to cut down the entire tree, so it was the only way to go.
    I have made it a habit not to use a chainsaw on a ladder, because I don't have one of these single hand chainsaws. But I wouldn't mind having one. I just have a hard time justifying bying it.