Monday, April 15, 2013

Teachers lockout in Denmark

The teachers in the public schools in Denmark have been lockouted for 2 weeks now as part of the struggle to reach an agreement of the wages and working conditions for the next four years. I haven't got any idea if they are making any progress, but the children are still out of school, so I have to teach them some skills at home and make sure that they don't feel the time is wasted. Today we made driving lessons.

In the autumn we received two or three truckloads of empty sea shells (blue mussels) from a nearby sea food factory. We use these to spread out on the riding court, to make it stable and firm. The riding court is behind the house, and it is not possible for a truck to drive there. The most efficient way to spread out the sea shells given the equipment we allready have is to hook up a trailer after a car, fill up the trailer and ease the car and the trailer past the house and onto the riding court.
Once on the court, the contents are shovelled off and the shells are subsequently crushed as you repeatedly drive over them.

Today we managed to spread out the last 7 or 8 cubicmeter.

And Gustav (10) learned how to drive (a stick shift car). He can use the clutch, engage a gear and start + stop the engine and the car. It is funny how fast a child can learn if it is really interested in the subject.
It helped a little, that the car could be put in low 4WD, so the the engine wasn't prone to stalling, but I was proud of him, and he was proud himself too.
So I stood in the trailer and shovelled out all the shells, and he drove the car. Real father - son teamwork.
Ready to rock'n roll

Shaken not stirred
Checking the chrushing action of the tyres


  1. Impressive. I'm almost 40 and I can't drive a manual. I learned how to drive on one and I don't think I've done it since.

    1. Most cars in Denmark are still manuals. So actually a lot of people fel really uncomfortable if they have to drive an automatic once in a while.
      Our other car is an automatic, and I remember the forst month or so was terrible. I would alway try to engage the clutch while rolling towards an intersection. As it happens, the left pedal in an automatic doesn't exctly have the same function, so it resulted in quite some crash stoppings.
      The wife of one of my friends did the same thing on their new car with a caravan hitched on. As she left the motorway in Germany for a break and some more diesel, she briskly engaged the "clutch". Accordin to my friend she made black stripes with all the wheels. After that she refused to drive the car again that summer.

  2. Replies
    1. Good guess, but no.
      It is a Volvo L3314. Nicknamed: Volvo Valp = Volvo Puppy becuase of its clumsy looks. A 1963 model with a gasoline engine, so it is rather thirsty to drive, but it is also a lot of fun.

  3. I think I learned to drive on a farm, too. Probably about the same age as Gustav.

    1. That is one of the advantages of living on a farm, you can do stuff like that. I guess that Gustav would love to live in the midwest where he could get a farm permit at the age of 14. In Denmark you can't get a drivers license untill 18.