Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Putting children to work.

As the strict father that I am (according to my children), I require them to participate with some chores for 2 hours every day during the teachers lockout.
This has included adding white wash to the walls of the stable, helping with fire wood, washing the cars etc.
Normally I make a working list at breakfast, and they can choose from some different jobs.
Painting, moving firewood by use of the ATV or raking the riding court are all popular jobs. White washing is not popular, neither is sweeping the barn.

Gustav and Laura Emilie are painting a barn door.

Asger moves firewood using the ATV.

Fnug has helped by checking if the paint is still wet.


  1. I always wonder when children go from being willing participants to conscripts. My daughter is always willing to lend a hand now, but already I can see the conscript syndrome setting in. My wife says I'm strict but I'm really not, I just have a loud voice.
    Your dog looks awesome by the way!

    1. I think the conscript syndrome started when there was a fixed time horizon. They like to help normally, but now they had to do it several days in a row, and they not only the funny and easy jobs.
      I don't think that I am strict, but I am usually firm when it comes to expecting the children participating in running the household. Each to his/her abilities.
      The dog doesn't only look awesome. It is the most gentle breed of dog as well. It is just as nice as it looks.

  2. Awesome. You oughta attach a broom to the ATV. I bet sweeping the barn would be a whole lot more popular! (then you'd have to make a chore to repair all the damage to the walls that the ATV hit!)

    1. I like the idea of a sweeping ATV. But I have enough repair jobs as it is,so I think that I'll pass this particular idea. I have considered making a proper trailer for it though, but I don't know when it will be.
      Anyway, the government just ended the lockout, so the children will have to go back to school again on Monday. So I wont get any more organised work out of them.